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UEF calls for a Federal Europe – Sovereign and Democratic! Meeting of the UEF-Federal Committee

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An unusual, difficult year marked by the current pandemic is drawing to a close. It has been an unprecedented one in various aspects of the political, democratic, economic, and social European spheres. And there is no doubt that Federalism is more necessary than ever today.

All the issues above were raised in UEF’s Federal Committee meeting held online on Saturday, 19 December. In his political introduction, UEF-President MEP Sandro Gozi, who shares the same concerns and sorrows as all European citizens, stated that “We are living a Darwinian moment in Europe, and that helps us better promote Europe. UEF has to exploit this occasion to change the public opinion and mobilise citizens to reform the European Union”.

With Resolution No. 1 “Our Federal Europe, Sovereign and Democratic”, the UEF manifests its call for a federal Europe – today more necessary than ever – and points out on which items to work primarily to achieve this goal. The UEF emphatically calls on the political decision-makers to finally start the conference on the future of Europe. This is accompanied by an Appeal addressed to politicians and personalities at all levels, who can sign it. The Resolution No. 2 “Report of the European Parliament – Stocktaking of the European Elections” is in support of key elements of the European Parliament’s report. In addition, the Federal Committee adopted a Statement on “Strengthening Civil Society Participation at the UN Level – Supporting the World Citizens Initiative”.

In a Roundtable-Debate introduced by Prof. Giulia Rossolillo, Chair of PC 1 “Institutions and Future of Europe”, FC members discussed with UEF-President, MEP Sandro Gozi, MEP, President of the Spinelli Group, MEP Brando Benifei, Vice-President of the European Parliament and President of Europa Union Deutschland, MEP Rainer Wieland and newly elected UEF Vice-President, MEP Domènec Ruiz Devesa. All speakers expressed the urgency to convene the conference on the future of Europe as soon as possible. Europe will not be the same after this pandemic, nor will its citizens or political institutions. More than ever, we must all work together for a more progressive, equal, united, and federal Europe.

The FC-Agenda included also the election of a new Vice-President of UEF. The Member of the Federal Committee, MEP Domenèc Ruiz Devesa (UEF Spain) was elected as Vice-President with an absolute majority. UEF-President MEP Sandro Gozi expressed the following: “I welcome Domenèc, and thank all of those who cast their votes and trust in him.” Ruiz Devesa, active member of UEF since 2013 and founding member of UEF Spain, believes that UEF has to be ambitious, at the vanguard of all the pro-European organisations. As Vice-President, he would like to strengthen the connection between UEF and policy-makers and to promote an efficient influence on the media, in a crucial moment for Europe with the launch of the Recovery Plan and the Conference on the Future of Europe. He’s also committed to topics such as migration and global governance.

Moreover, the FC members warmly welcomed UEF Greece as a new Member Section of UEF. “We take the opportunity again to congratulate the newly-elected Greek Executive Bureau on December 11. We are looking forward to working with President George Kolyvas, Secretary-General Venetia Cousa, and all the members of the EB, of which UEF-EB member Daphne Gogou is also part”, says UEF-President MEP Sandro Gozi.

The FC meeting was also an excellent opportunity to have a look back at the federalist debates, activities, projects, and initiatives organised this year. “The Covid-19 pandemic did certainly not stop our federalist movement this year and will not prevent us from advocating for a more federal Europe in 2021. The next year will be a very important one for the Federalists, as it marks the 75th anniversary of UEF”, says UEF-Secretary General, Anna Echterhoff.

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