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Spinelli Group: “Russia, Turkey, migration and baniking union, EUCO must decide, but is it able to?

By 23/06/2021July 8th, 2021No Comments

Brussels, 23 June 2021.

“Once again expectations are very high on tomorrow’s EUCO meeting that is called upon to unlock politically critical business for the EU. Among them, one can find divisive issues including but not limited to migration and foreign affairs, the banking Union stalemate and the post-Covid recovery. European citizens do neither deserve further delays, nor further disappointments” – this is what the Spinelli Group, the network of federalist and pro-reform Members of the European Parliament, has declared ahead of the European Council meeting of 24, 25 June.

“Finding an agreement on migration and asylum rules in the EU, capable of balancing the principles of humanity, solidarity and shared responsibility among Member States, is more urgent than ever. The EUCO Conclusions must contain clear indications to the Member States to present binding and concrete action plans” – according to the Spinelli Group MEPs. The Group also highlights how “the very idea of shaping a common migration policy through “Pacts” among leaders is just as dysfunctional as it is utopian. Reform should be achieved through legislation and the full involvement of the European Parliament, otherwise migration will always become subjected to political purposes”.

“In recent months, both the Russian and Turkish governments have shown the highest possible disrespect for all that the EU stands for. While we believe that the reestablishment of a more constructive relationship with both countries is necessary, and we support the efforts of President von der Leyen and the VP/HR Borrell on this, we call on the EUCO to take a firm stance against the provocative actions displayed by the two authoritarian governments of Russia and Turkey and protect the Union’s territorial integrity”.

“Ending the unanimity rule in Council and the veto-cracy that keeps the EU in a perennial state of political uncertainty is a key priority. The Spinelli Group is committed to the construction of a federalist and pro-reform majority in the Conference on the Future of Europe and within the European Parliament to relaunch the European project, ending unanimity rule, protect the rule of law and fundamental rights, and create a health and a fiscal Union”. – END

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