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Conference on The Future Europe: Benifei “the plenary is kicking off, we fight to reform the EU”

By 18/06/2021July 8th, 2021No Comments

Strasbourg, June 18, 2021

“Today the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe is kicking off at the European Parliament. We will immediately bring forward our idea of ​​reform of the European Union in the direction of an ever greater integration. We have to build a federal Europe, otherwise the European project is doomed to fail ”- this is what Brando Benifei, President of the Spinelli Group, has declared after the first gathering of the Spinelli Group Caucus meeting in Strasbourg.

The Spinelli Group aims at building a transversal, pro-European and federalist majority in the Plenary of the Conference, open to all political forces sharing our common goal of a relaunch of the European project. We approach this important process of dialogue with the citizens, the social partners and the other European and national institutions with an open mind, but at the same time by putting on the table strong proposals that we have collected in the new Manifesto of the Spinelli Group, which we have presented at today’s caucus meeting and will accompany us in the upcoming months of discussion”.

”We must put an end to the right of veto that blocks the EU from taking the needed decisions, we must strengthen the powers of the Commission and the European Parliament, we must build a genuine fiscal union: 80 years after the Ventotene Manifesto, it’s time to be brave”. – END

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